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Andrew Bynum, Matt Barnes key in Lakers' win over Denver

April 14, 2012

Among the highlights in Andrew Bynum's comments following the Lakers' 103-97 win Friday over the Denver Nuggets:

  • How he scored 30 points despite seeing double and triple teams
  • What it takes to become a superstar
  • What it's like to play without Kobe Bryant in the lineup



Among the highlights from Matt Barnes:

  • What led to his 24-point performance
  • How he's handled frustration regarding last season's knee injury and a fluctuating role this season
  • How the Lakers have taken a leadership-by-committee approach since Derek Fisher was traded



Among the highlights from Pau Gasol:

  • How the Lakers have made more of a conscious effort to get the ball inside during Bryant's absence
  • Why he doesn't think Bryant would want to be a coach after he retires



 Among the highlights from Metta World Peace:

  • Why he thinks Barnes is playing the "right way."
  • How he's taking an added leadership role
  • World Peace admits his poor play at the beginning of the season should've sparked "well-deserved criticism."

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