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Virginia Tech mother reflects on shooting anniversary

April 15, 2012|By Molly Hennessy-Fiske

I don’t feel like my loss is shared or that anybody has any responsibility to share my loss, but when they do, I’m honored. There’s so much pain to go around…however they can get through it is up to them. When Erin died it was like a bomb went off for us and other people were hit by the shrapnel.

Do you plan to go to Virginia Tech campus or Blacksburg, Va., for the anniversary?

We’re not going down to Tech. It’s too painful for me. When we left five years ago with all of her stuff in tow, it wasn’t my intention that we would ever go back there. Right now it just represents pain for me.

Where will you be instead?

This will be the fifth time we will hold a gospel celebration of Erin’s life and legacy in or around the same time as the anniversary of Erin’s death. It’s just an extremely over-the-top celebration. We’re Christians, so it’s appropriate that this is how we recognize her life and examples she left behind for us. So that’s where we’re going to be at 4 p.m. Sunday, at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Centreville.

What are you doing now to remember Erin?

I’m trying to do some of the things she would have been doing. After Erin died, I went through her room trying to find something that spoke to me, told me what to do.

I found a diary entry of her talking about how I knew how to laugh, and how she loved that. She’s the one who gave me my laugh back. I’ve had friends who told me afterward that they were afraid I wouldn’t smile or laugh again. Erin told me you’ve got things you’ve got to do. We’ve given away 41 scholarships to 31 people, and this year we’re going to go over $100,000 that we’ve given away.


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