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Demi Moore ends her Twitter hiatus with a (not) revealing picture

April 17, 2012|By Christie D'Zurilla
  • Demi Moore is back on Twitter.
Demi Moore is back on Twitter. (Peter Kramer / Associated…)

Demi Moore has dipped her toes back in the Twitter ocean after more than three months away, and though she's using same handle, the actress may very well be hinting at a new incarnation of @mrskutcher on the horizon.

Actually, what might be most revealing about the self-portrait that heralded her return -- with the simple caption, "Testing ..." -- is how unrevealing it was.

Classic @mrskutcher could be seen tweeting herself out to the world in all her bikini-clad glory, or sharing a peek at her back view unclad in the bathroom, naked down to her waist. Her Twitter background image has had her in a provocative pose wearing thigh-high boots and a skimpy short-shorts jumper.

In contrast, the photo posted Sunday showed the actress reclining in bed, casually clad but covered up all the way down to a pair of shoes, carefully testing the waters of the microblogging landcape that she and future ex-husband Ashton Kutcher once inhabited like a home away from home.

Reactions to her tweet were, for the most part, supportive and positive.

Moore checked herself out of the world, for the most part, in late January when, according to her rep, she sought "professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health."

It was a life rehab that came after her November decision to divorce Ashton Kutcher and, more urgently, on the heels of a Jan. 23 hospitalization that came after she smoked something "like incense" and went into what her 911 caller described as convulsions.

And as for that "@mrskutcher" moniker? Moore's already said that changing her Twitter handle isn't exactly at the top of her to-do list -- but it will be interesting to watch her change it, or not, on her own time.


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