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Letters: Dodgers fans feel duped by sale

Details of deal that show Frank McCourt's continuing role stir ire of Dodgers fans in Los Angeles.

April 20, 2012
  • Frank McCourt will get $1.588 billion in the sale of the Dodgers, but documents of the puchase agreement did not reveal either the structure of the financing deal or the arrangement by which the Dodger Stadium parking lots would be owned and operated.
Frank McCourt will get $1.588 billion in the sale of the Dodgers, but documents… (Mark Boster / Los Angeles…)

Please stop saying Magic and Co. when referring to the Dodgers' new owners.

If anything, it's COMPANY & magic.

I'll have more to do with running the club than he will.

Larry Frank

Sherman Oaks


The new owners of the Dodgers must really think that Los Angeles fans are brain dead. ... After seeing the article (April 17) and map breakdown of the new Dodger Stadium deal I saw the McCourt name tied to most of the deal ... and to think that using Magic as their decoy would satisfy us.

Shame on the whole thing! We wanted Frank McCourt just out of it all and the city of Los Angeles has been unbelievably set up and duped!

Steve LaRochelle

Simi Valley


I doubt MLB will be able to exercise any meaningful control over future franchise transactions. The forces of greed cannot help but be encouraged by McCourt's success. Who cannot marvel at the parlay of zero personal investment into a $1-billion profit.

Ronald Magnuson

Long Beach


Getting Stan Kasten as president and top baseball executive of the Dodgers is comparable to winning the lottery for Dodgers fans, especially after a decade of McCourt and Fox "leadership."

Kasten is much more than a "player development guy." He has been one of the most successful baseball executives for the past two decades.

Harley Frankel

Santa Monica

A brighter view

The sun on Sunday shined a little brighter, the crowd cheered a little louder, and the Dodgers' walk off hit seemed a little sweeter.

Welcome back, Vin. We missed you.

Efren Bojorquez


Two ways to see a replay

First, Matt Kemp was robbed last year of the most valuable player award, which Ryan Braun won. On April 18, Kemp was robbed of an assist at home plate on a Braun sacrifice fly, which won the game. It's high-time Major League Baseball joins the 21st century and has replay of calls at home plate.

Ken Feldman



You know, if someone could teach Matt Kemp to catch the ball moving forward, instead of standing flat-footed, his throws would get to home plate a lot faster.

Gene Miller

Huntington Beach

Angels fans are in midseason form too


Did you hear the Angels' fans talking on the Titanic? "We're OK … we have a great ship … it's a long voyage … most of the ship is still above water … we have a small leak (relief pitching) … but we'll be fine."

David Waldowski

Alta Loma


Mike Scioscia is absolutely right when he says the Angels need chemistry. Perhaps he could contribute to this process by going with a set lineup that includes Mark Trumbo, not trying to please his bench players by giving them so many at-bats, and putting some faith in Dan Haren to go deeper into games before he goes to the awful bullpen. In short, stop over-managing.

Ron Reeve



Will the San Diego Padres please hurry up and fire Bud Black ... so that the Angels can fire Mike Butcher and hire a real pitching coach in Black?

Also, how does Mickey Hatcher keep a job? Hatcher must be the only hitting coach in history who could turn Albert Pujols into Jeff Mathis. Maybe it's the jersey number?

Gary J. Grayson



With a guaranteed $240 million smiling at me I also wouldn't be fazed by a hitting slump, or nearly any other slump.

Michael E. White


This flagrant is on the NBA

Robin Lopez's foul on Blake Griffin was definitely over the top and should not be condoned in any way. However, Griffin plays like a thug, and as long as the league allows him to get away with it, I imagine we will continue to see more retaliatory "court justice" from time to time.

PJ Gendell

Beverly Hills

The power play behind the NHL

Darryl Sutter doesn't say it ... he doesn't have to. Hockey is a sport played by truly talented thugs. Of course, off the ice they are Joe Next Door. Like that nice guy Todd Bertuzzi. Remember that other nice guy, Tony Granato and his talent with his stick?

Alex Fernandez



If the NHL wanted to eliminate the violence in its game, it would have done so years ago.

Commissioner Gary Bettman chose long ago to placate the same people who watch car races and hope for a spectacular crash or attend boxing matches looking for a gruesome knockout blow. No surprise that with this Neanderthal thinking the NHL continues to struggle to make inroads with the typical NFL, NBA and MLB fans who prefer seeing sports with the occasional violent play and not the other way around.

Bruce Benveniste

Culver City

Kings are stand-up guys

I saw more diving by the Canucks than in an English Premier soccer game.

Dave Eng

Thousand Oaks

Can't pass up this chance, Kobe

T.J., we finally agree on something (April 17). Kobe should be coach. That is, after he retires.

Kobe is the NBA's leading scorer, five-time league champion, nine-time all-defensive first-team selection, and he's still not done.

Remember that when you are commenting on what a nice guy Chris Paul is.

Greg D. Flores



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