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Letters: Legislators' mileage plan doesn't add up

April 27, 2012

Re "53 cents per mile drives criticism," April 21

I was outraged to learn that lawmakers are paying themselves to drive their own cars.

Although our legislators probably won't pass laws hindering their own behavior, the solution is very simple: The Times should print details, like stats in a sports page, on the spending habits of every lawmaker so we can see the leaders in each category.

When it's published in black and white (and highlighted with a red border), voters can see which of their elected officials are slackers and which ones are actually doing the job we pay them to do.

Since Colonial days, the most effective method for curbing extravagance has been public humiliation.

David Andrew Lloyd

Studio City

State Assemblyman Jim Nielsen's (R-Gerber) claim of 5,157 miles driven on state business in February breaks down to about 178 miles per day. That is, if he worked on state business every day of the month, including weekends.

I think state taxpayers are the ones being taken for a ride.

Charles Martinez

Los Angeles

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