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Letters: Metta World Peace elbows his way into the headlines

Lakers forward is out, and readers understand why.

April 27, 2012
  • Lakers forward Metta World Peace prepares to elbow Thunder guard James Harden in the head after celebrating a dunk during their game on Sunday at Staples Center.
Lakers forward Metta World Peace prepares to elbow Thunder guard James… (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles…)

Metta World Peace? How about Metta World War III?

Pat Mauer



I guess all of Metta World Peace's previous suspensions were all part of being celebratory also. He obviously wanted to celebrate with the fans in Detroit.

Jeff White



Calling Artest "Metta World Peace" is like calling Bernie Madoff "Father Generosity." Artest obviously didn't learn anything from his 2004 one-year suspension for inciting a riot against some fans. But his actions show that he's a cheap shot artist and a coward.

Michael J. Gorman

Whitestone, N.Y.


Artest never changes his stripes. Which is exactly what he should be wearing.

Paul McGuire

Canyon Country


If there's anyone out there who believes Metta World Peace's statement that his flagrant elbow to James Harden was unintentional, I'd like you to take a look at some oceanfront property in Nebraska I'm trying to unload!

Jack Wolf

Los Angeles


When you are involved in one of the two most violent acts in NBA history, the insanity at Auburn Hills (the other being Kermit Washington-Rudy Tomjanovich), it is inconceivable that Mr. World Peace would be allowed to participate in an NBA game after witnessing the deliberate elbow to Harden. Hard to watch, harder to understand.

Marcelo Barreiro

Manhattan Beach


David Stern is acting like his usual incompetent self when he publicly states that a player's reputation will determine whether or not there is going to be punishment for flagrant and harmful fouls. So now we get it. Dwyane Wade didn't serve any time for breaking Kobe's nose and giving him a concussion because he is Dwyane Wade, but Metta World Peace gets seven games for his idiotic elbow to the head of Harden because he is Ron Artest.

Dave Moore

Santa Ana


If Joe Blow sucker-elbows an opponent to the head during a playground pickup game, the cops are called and he is arrested for felony battery.

John Cressy



I'm with Bill Plaschke ["Penalty Doesn't Fit the Crime," April 25] and this is even taking into consideration Metta World Peace has acted like a gentleman since the incident, accepted blame and seems genuinely remorseful and apologetic.

However, consider the sanctions leveled by the NCAA against USC; well deserved and justified based not only on the offense but years of similar transgressions by the school. Yet, in the USC case, no life was endangered, a flagrant punch wasn't thrown. A naive young player simply tried to do something nice for his parents.

But school officials looked the other way and USC was finally nailed for years of such transgressions. They got what they deserved. Metta World Peace did not!

At the very least he should have been suspended for several games into next season, this season's playoffs notwithstanding.

Michael Solomon

Canoga Park


The most deplorable moment at Sunday's Lakers-Thunder game wasn't the vicious assault on James Harden. It was the applause Metta World Punk received from Lakers fans as he was leaving the floor. As T.J. Simers noted, the Lakers are fast becoming the most unlikable franchise in sports. In addition to Ron Arrest, there's Kobe the Narcissist, Pau the Crybaby and Peter Pan Bynum, the 24-year-old who won't grow up. Add to the mix the callous treatment of Derek Fisher by management and I'm singing "I Hate L.A." Let's go, Denver!

Gary H. Miller


The Blake Show

So Blake Griffin is crying about hard fouls around the head. Funny, I didn't hear Pau Gasol whimpering about the elbow you threw to his head. As for those illegal dunks you're cheating to throw down, we in Laker Nation call that being "Poser-ized." How about you save the hypocritical whining for when you're booted from the first round of the playoffs?

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


Blake Griffin can dish it out but can't take it. He uses his elbows, knees and even his head against his opponents, then flails like a flounder out of water. What players can't take is that little smirk of his after a foul is called against the opponent.

Joseph Madrigal

La Mirada

Play them

So tell me, what did Devin Ebanks and Jordan Hill do against Oklahoma City that they couldn't have done weeks (and in Devin's case, months) ago?

If Mike Brown would have brought those two players along slowly from the start by giving them minutes and real game experience it would have bolstered their confidence and supplied the Lakers with something they've clearly lacked from the beginning of the season: namely youth, depth and scoring punch off the bench.

My contention all along has been that there's been too much whimsy with Coach Brown when it comes down to his rotations. Now let's see if this newfound wisdom on Mike's part extends to someone else he soured on months ago — the only good outside shooter they have on the pine — Andrew Goudelock.

I doubt it.

Clifford Burton

Los Angeles

Fallen Angels

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