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Denver Post's Hochman doubts Nuggets can stop Andrew Bynum

April 28, 2012|By Mark Medina

Among the highlights of my conversation with the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman on the Lakers-Nuggets series:

--Hochman jokingly laments Metta World Peace's six-game suspension because that also means Hochman can't perform standup comedy with him anymore. The two apparently fed off one another, and Hochman remains unsure how he'll adjust:

--Hochman explains the Nuggets' 11-4 record to close out the season

--Hochman believes Nuggets small forward Danilo Gallinari will benefit from World Peace's absence.

--Hochman mentions the Nuggets will throw multiple defenders at Andrew Bynum, but who knows if that will work.

--Hochman has raved about Kenneth Faried's development.

--Hochamn explains how UCLA product Arron Afflalo makes Kobe Bryant work hard for his shots

--Hochman notices that Ty Lawson's inconsistency partly accounts for mixing it up between either being a scorer or a passer.

--Hochman predicts the series will go seven games, but remains unsure who will win.

--Check out Hochman's "Hochcasts." He's sorting through the resumes of Steven Spielberg and James Cameron to see if they're suited to direct his future projects.

You can follow Hochman on the Denver Post website and on Twitter.

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