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Auto insurance study finds California is low-cost state

August 02, 2012|By Jerry Hirsch
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Congested traffic fills New York's Park Avenue. (Associated Press )

When it comes to real estate, taxes and gasoline, California is known as a high-cost state. Auto insurance, not so much. divided the median cost of car insurance by the median household income in each state and found – surprise – California was the eighth least-expensive state.

Michigan, the capital of the car industry, was the most expensive by that measure.

California residents pay a median auto insurance premium of $1,304 annually per household, or 1.99% of median household income. That compares with Michigan, where the median insurance cost is $4,490, or 8% of median household income.

“The laws in each state vary widely,” said John Egan of “Part of the reason why Michigan is so expensive is that it’s the only state that guarantees unlimited personal injury protection.”

Massachusetts has the lowest cost by this measurement, just 1.434% percent of median annual household income.  The other low-cost states starting with second-ranked North Carolina are Hawaii, Alaska and Oregon.  The other high-cost regions starting with second from the top Louisiana are Kentucky, West Virginia and Mississippi. 


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