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Letters: A climate skeptic's change of heart

August 02, 2012

Re "Climate change skeptic is now believer," July 30

It's really refreshing to see the tide turning so rapidly on climate change; those who were stridently in denial are now shifting gears. We all know it's the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels that is harming the climate. It's time to take action and make the switch to renewable energy sources.

Beyond the benefits of assisting the climate, renewables hold the potential for inexhaustible energy. We'd no longer have to worry about wasting energy or curtailing innovation, communication or travel because energy is scarce or expensive. We'd live in a world of incredible opportunity.

The climate crisis, as grim as it is, will in the end be seen as the invitation we needed to move to a new platform of prosperity.

Laura Matthews

Santa Monica

It's my sincere hope that UC Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller will use his newfound spotlight as a former climate change skeptic to battle the forces of ignorance on this issue. As a former skeptic and conservative-media personality, he has the ability to reach people who will never listen to Al Gore or Bill McKibben.

Muller needs to tell these people that America has a moral, economic and national security obligation to lead the world in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He needs to tell them that the U.S. must lead by example by putting a price on carbon and shifting our economy in the direction of clean energy. He should call for implementing a fee-and-dividend model to allow the market to set us on a safer energy course.

He needs to tell them that the time to act is now.

D.R. Tucker

Brockton, Mass.

Climate change science is measured by scientists. The skeptic quoted in the article who was a communications director for Senate Republicans is not a scientist, and therefore his opinion is irrelevant.

Cheryl Kohr

Palos Verdes Estates


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