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Snoop Lion wants to join 'American Idol'

August 03, 2012|By August Brown

Would the struggling "American Idol" show be more fun if the judges' onstage Coke cups were replaced with pimp cups filled with gin and juice?

Snoop Lion -- the reggae singer who until very recently was known as the rap god Snoop Dogg -- suggested in an interview with Huffington Post that he's tossing his hat in to fill the departing Steven Tyler's seat on the show's judging panel.

At a New York press volley introducing himself to the media in his new incarnation, he said that after learning of Mariah Carey's reported $18-million payday to join the judging panel, he wanted to bring a little irie to "Idol." "I'll clean my act up, but I'm still Rastafari," he said.

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He remains a dark horse in the replacement race, however. After Carey took the seat warmed by Jennifer Lopez, Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams are still reportedly atop the "Idol" draft picks for the role, especially after Poison singer Bret Michaels stated that he's out of the running. Randy Jackson, the show's sole remaining original judge, is also mulling a change in roles on the show.

If anything would shake up the twilight of "Idol's" ratings decline, it would be a newly Rasta Snoop Lion critiquing earnest young folk-rock singers from a cloud of NASA-grade weed. So we profoundly endorse this proposition, so much so that we'd eagerly watch "American Idol" next season if they can promise this.


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