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Where you can watch Curiosity Mars landing coverage

August 05, 2012|By Ed Stockly
  • An artist's depiction of a "sky crane" lowering the Curiosity rover onto the surface of Mars.
An artist's depiction of a "sky crane" lowering the Curiosity… (NASA / JPL / Caltech )

NASA's attempt to gently drop a robotic dune buggy onto the surface of Mars, in search of evidence of past life, will be covered live Sunday on NASA TV, with related programming airing throughout the day. It also will be streamed online at on NASA's YouTube channel and in hi-def at NASA UStream.

Although the exact time of Curiosity's touchdown is still a bit up in the air, so to speak, live coverage of the landing commences Sunday night at 9.

The major broadcast networks and cable news outlets will provide coverage as breaking news throughout the day.

The Griffith Observatory will be showing the live NASA TV feed and answering questions at its Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon theater Sunday from 9 to 11 p.m. and will provide an online feed of the Curiosity landing on Livestream.

The Times is covering the event live and will have reporters at Jet Propulsion Laboratory around the clock until the outcome of the landing attempt is known. Follow our full coverage at

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