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Letters: Buried treasure in downtown L.A.

August 05, 2012
  • Exuberant businessman Charles Aslan sits amid murals by Ernest Batchelder at what began as a chocolate shop in 1914 in downtown Los Angeles.
Exuberant businessman Charles Aslan sits amid murals by Ernest Batchelder… (Christina House, For The…)

Re "Old shop reveals an L.A. treasure," Column One, Aug. 2

In the late 1950s I worked at the Security Bank at 5th and Spring streets in downtown L.A. The Dutch Chocolate Shop (which was open then but under another name that I can't remember) was our favorite spot for a morning or afternoon break. I knew nothing of tile maker Ernest Batchelder then, but I thought his creation was cute and different.

One night I was driving by and saw workers hosing down the interior (all chairs and tables were on the sidewalk), which bothered me a bit. But at least I knew the place was clean when I would go in the mornings.

I've always wondered what happened to the shop, hoping that the tiles were not destroyed. I can't wait to go back and see what new proprietor Charles Aslan has done. Good luck to him.

Jean Shiner



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