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Letters: Medicaid, more or less

August 05, 2012

Re "GOP's push to cut Medicaid is shortsighted and just plain mean," Column, Aug. 3

Just as slumlords have been sentenced by courts to actually live in the hovels they own, I'd like to see Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.), who is sponsoring a bill to freeze Medicaid spending, be denied his plush congressional healthcare policy in favor of the Medicaid he claims coddles the unfortunates forced to depend on it.

Put your health where your mouth is, representative, or shut up.

Spencer Grant

Laguna Niguel

Since when is a spending freeze considered a cut? An example of a cut would be an allowance of $10 per week reduced to $8. A freeze would leave the $10 allowance unchanged until I could afford to pay more.

Louis Grinbaum



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