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London 2012 hurdles: Jump into this Olympic Google Doodle

August 07, 2012|By Rene Lynch
  • A screenshot of Google's London 2012 hurdles-themed logo.
A screenshot of Google's London 2012 hurdles-themed logo. (Google screenshot )

London 2012 hurdles offer up the single best way to waste time today. A new interactive Google Doodle puts Google users in the role of Olympian via the keyboard. (Don't worry about the boss. There's a good chance that he or she is giving the hurdles a try too.)

Google has been pulling out all the Olympics-related stops in recent days, rolling out a new Google Doodle to grace its browsing page for each day of the London 2012 Olympics.

There are still several days to go before the London 2012 Olympics wrap up Sunday. But we're prepared to go on record with this prediction: Google is going to have a heck of a time besting Tuesday's doodle.  

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The Google Doodle prompts viewers to click the start arrow and send themselves (via a red-suited fellow) hurtling in the direction of hurdles. Players can use the arrow keys to help their hurdler up and over the obstacles.

Users might have more fun doing it our way, however -- crashing into the hurdles, one by one.

What do you think about the Google Doodles so far? Do you agree that this one is gunning for the gold?

Mashable offers up this sneak peek at tomorrow's Google Doodle, which lets users shoot hoops at the Olympics. Plenty cool. But right now, it's best shot is at silver.


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