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Letters: Killing is always a hate crime

August 07, 2012

Re "7 shot dead at Sikh temple," Aug. 6

The question seems to be if the latest massacre in Wisconsin was a hate crime or an act of domestic terrorism. It was both.

Does giving it some kind of label, grouping identification or classification really change the tragic outcome? When some maniac sets out to kill someone, you can't call it anything but hate.

It's time to break this epidemic of violence. Yet it continues as we all just watch without trying to stop it. Complacency is the enemy in this war.

Frances Terrell Lippman

Sherman Oaks

The Times' Aug. 6 front page tells it all. Next to this article is the headline hailing the latest Mars landing. How simply this juxtaposition reflects the very best and the very worst of America.

We must ask ourselves how it is that one nation with the capability to send humanity to the stars is still so primitive in its predatory instincts. It is more obvious than ever that we must overcome this conundrum if we are to fulfill our destiny.

Anthony Lawrence

Woodland Hills


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