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Late Night: Keith Richards loves 'Breaking Bad,' says Vince Gilligan

August 08, 2012|By Meredith Blake

Over the course of five seasons, AMC’s meth-dealing drama "Breaking Bad" has gradually built a devoted following of passionate fans -- including Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards.

Tuesday on "Conan," creator Vince Gilligan said he'd "heard through the grapevine" that the famously resilient guitarist is an admirer of the Emmy-winning series.

Conan O’Brien suggested that Richards, who certainly knows a thing or two about living dangerously, would fit right in to the "Breaking Bad" universe. "That’s up to you guys to figure out how," he said coyly.

But Gilligan has so far avoided the widely used gimmick of casting high-profile guest stars, and -- sadly for us -- he isn't about to start now.

Gilligan also claimed he and his team of writers "haven't a clue" where the series, which is currently in the first half of a 16-episode final season, will go. "We do tend to write ourselves into corners, and we get very nervous when that happens," he admitted. "Walter White has this amazing ability to get himself out of some very tight scrapes. That is the result of seven people of at least average intelligence working many, many hours, many, many weeks straight."


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