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Letters: Reid vs. Romney

August 08, 2012

Re "Barbs over taxes grow sharper," Aug. 4, and "Romney-Reid feud heightens," Aug. 6

This issue is less about how much Mitt Romney has paid in taxes than it is about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and a complicit news media, which repeats Reid's unsubstantiated allegations with the knowledge that no journalist with a single unnamed source could report the same thing.

Why should Romney bow to Reid's sleazy tactic by easily putting the matter to rest with the full knowledge that it would be impossible for Reid to prove his charges? If the IRS has no problem with Romney's tax returns, why should anybody else?

Perhaps Reid might show some proof that he can bring about some change in the tax code that would satisfy the American people, but that appears impossible too. Or maybe he'll get around to that after he proves he can produce a budget.

Geoffrey Cushing-Murray

Studio City

Romney has tried to change the subject concerning his taxes. Attacking Reid will not work.

Anyone running for president should be required by law to provide at least 10 years of tax returns so voters can see a candidate's financial background.

Priscilla Lazzara

La Puente


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