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Dodger Matt Treanor watches wife's latest Olympic golden moment from afar

August 08, 2012|By Steve Dilbeck

For May-Treanor and Walsh Jennings, it was an unprecedented third consecutive gold, this one coming over Americans April Ross and Jennifer Kessy, 21-16, 21-16. May-Treanor, 35, had announced she would retire at the end of the London Games.

Yet, Treanor has never witnessed his wife reach the pinnacle of her sport. Each time the Olympics have arrived, he has been in the middle of a baseball season, watching as best he could from afar, waiting for results thousands of miles away.

“It gets harder every time,” Treanor said. “The first time we were engaged and it was a whole worldwind kind of thing. I never thought I’d be dating that type of an athlete, let alone somebody going for an Olympic medal. Going forward was a learning process for me.

“Then in ’08 it felt like old hat, but I wanted to be there. I was on the DL actually. And now Misty talks about having a family and moving on to that next chapter in our lives. Sometimes the unknown is a little scary, but it isn’t scary for me right now because Misty was able to go out and do what she did. It does get a little tougher each time. Deep down in my heart, I wanted to be there for all three of them. It’s tough not being able to be there.”

When Treanor met with the media in the Dodgers dugout well after the gold had been secured, he still seemed to fight his emotions talking about his admiration for what he calls the best athlete in the family.

“It gives you a really good feeling,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier for Misty. Kerri and Misty have been together for 12 years. There’s a lot that goes into it, a lot of emotion, a lot of different thoughts and memories come to mind.

“I’m an emotional person. I’m not afraid to cry. I’m not afraid to snap a bat over my neck. That’s the way I am, the way I’m built. Irish Italian doesn’t always help either. The funny thing is Misty is kind of the opposite. She doesn’t really show emotion that much. She kind of always looks at me when we’re watching a sappy movie, waiting for me to shed a tear. She gets a kick out of that.”

This was the most challenging Olympics victory for May-Treanor. After the 2008 gold in Beijing, she tore her left Achilles' tendon rehearsing for the “Dancing With the Stars” TV show. Last year she suffered a knee injury. She and Walsh Jennings had not been able to play together as much as they wanted before the Olympics.

But Treanor said that before she left for England, he looked at her and sensed things were going to be all right.

“The way she looked, it was like she was just beaming,” he said. “Misty’s never been pregnant but they say that sometimes pregnant women get like that, almost like this satisfied feeling or this aura about them. That’s what I saw in Misty.

“I just felt like this was the right thing for her and I’m glad she made the decision. Having it finish with a gold medal was just a positive to everything, but I don’t necessarily think she needed to win to have that completion, that satisfaction. But I’m glad it ended up the way it did.”


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