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Muse to play at London Olympics closing ceremony; Elton John too?

August 08, 2012|By Lisa Dillman
  • Musician Elton John performs in Ibiza, Spain; it's unknown whether he will be part of the closing ceremony at the London Olympics.
Musician Elton John performs in Ibiza, Spain; it's unknown whether… (Isabel Flores / European…)

LONDON -- Information is starting to get out about some of the musical elements of Sunday's closing ceremony.

Of course, we know who won't be performing ... Morrissey. The former frontman of the Smiths blasted the London Olympics this week, ripping the "blustering jingoism" of the Games.

Dom Howard, the drummer of the British band Muse, told online entertainment site New Music Express that it would be playing the song "Survival" in the closing ceremony.

"I'm happy with the song. It's a proper Muse song," Howard said. "It's not something we did for the Olympics. They sowed a seed by asking us to do some music but then five months went by. We showed them a few songs when they asked us about [the] closing ceremony and they loved it. It represented the enormous competition of what the Olympics is."

Singer George Michael put word out on Twitter that he is to be involved, and there are rumors about a Spice Girls reunion.

It all depends on your musical taste, but it's not exactly the most overwhelming lineup, so far.

The big question: Does Elton John make the cut?

It would be stunning if he was not involved in some way. After all, beloved singers, like the blues, never fade away.


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