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Letters: On hate 'music'

August 10, 2012

Re "Secretive world of white power music comes into focus," Aug. 8

I was jolted over my morning coffee at the juxtaposition on Wednesday's front page of this article and the tribute to the musical contributions and life of Marvin Hamlisch. Both pieces related to the power of music.

Having always been aware of the tremendous power of music as a life-enriching addition to the human condition, I was horrified to read of the hate that is amplified through the racist bands prevalent in our culture. Should this medium even be called music?

Having devoted the last 20 years of my musical life to performing "The Great American Songbook," that huge repertoire of the most melodic and poetic expression to come out of American genius, I was moved to tears to read how music panders to the lowest elements of our human (or should I say inhuman?) traits.

Judy Wolman

Sherman Oaks


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