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Best dad ever tunes son's Lightning McQueen Power Wheels [Video]

August 11, 2012|By Deborah Netburn

In other words, Evan's Lightning McQueen Power Wheels toy now has strong rubber go-kart tires and can go as fast as 7 to 10 mph. 

Sean and Evan started working on the car in March. Sean said he spent about $600 in parts, not including the $250 he spent three years ago to buy the car.

"I can't quantify the amount of work," he told the Los Angeles Times. "A lot of the time was spent teaching Evan."

I asked Sean if Evan was able to pick up what was going on. Sean's response? "My son is brilliant."

Sean said he took hundreds of pictures of his son helping him with the Lightning McQueen project. When it was all over he assembled them into the above video to show to friends and family how everything turned out. He sent the video to about seven people directly, and then posted it on a Bay Area car forum where he knew some of his customers might find it. He thought they'd be curious to see the results.

The video spread from there, and as of this writing has received more than 2.4 million views in less than a week. And it clearly touched a nerve. The audience has left almost 6,000 comments, most of them like this: "Now this is how you make your kid happy!"

The video was one of the most viewed in the U.S. on YouTube this week, but was also on the most-viewed list for a number of other countries, including Indonesia, Canada, Hungary and Kenya, said Ken Allocca, YouTube trends manager.

Awesome tuner dads are loved all around the world.


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