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Letters: Lakers go for blockbuster with Dwight Howard

Fans are excited about the latest acquisition, with kudos for Mitch Kupchak.

August 11, 2012
  • Dwight Howard comes to the Lakers in a four-team trade.
Dwight Howard comes to the Lakers in a four-team trade. (Chris Trotman / Getty Images )

The Dodgers announce they are trading what's-his-name for Magic at the end of March, the Kings storm through the NHL playoffs in April and May and win the Cup in June, Steve Nash comes to the Lakers in July and now Dwight Howard in August.

Not a bad five months, L.A.!

Eric Monson



Jerry West to Mitch Kupchak — the torch has been passed!

Vincent Martinez



Kobe and Pau must be laughing in London and woofing LeBron that the Heat just "borrowed" the NBA championship that the Lakers will now reclaim as their own with the most potent lineup in pro basketball.

Jim Breen

Foothill Ranch


Ten reasons why Dwight Howard will sign that extension with the Lakers quicker than a Showtime fastbreak:

1. Kobe.

2. Nash.

3. Pau.

4. Freeing up World Peace on defense — his forte.

5. A myriad of great cultural restaurants countywide.

6. Hollywood.

7. Laker pedigree.

8. Media hotbed; ESPN is at L.A. Live.

9. Jack sitting in his courtside seat.

10. Those pretty banners high above on the wall at Staples Center.

Bonnie Tauber

Santa Monica


Royal Lakers center lineage:

Mikan. Wilt. Kareem. Shaq. Howard.

Anthony Davis, we'll see you in eight years.

Chaunte' Williams



I bet that the Lakers equipment manager is glad to see Andrew Bynum go. No more need to bring along diaper bags on away games.

Ray Ceniceroz


Let Games end

Five ways to improve the Olympics:

1. Reduce the amount of human interest stories, and show us more heats and prelims.

2. Reduce the amount of reaction shots of parents and coaches.

3. Encourage the athletes not to hug so much.

4. Think of a better question than, "How did it feel to win?"

5. Eliminate beach volleyball.

David Macaray

Rowland Heights


Olympic sports we could do without:

Sports tainted by doping scandals (cycling, track & field).

Sports scored subjectively by inept and/or corrupt judges (boxing, gymnastics).

Sports where the Olympics is not their most important competition (soccer, tennis).

Sports you can play in your backyard or garage (badminton, table tennis).

Sports involving weapons or animals (fencing, archery, shooting, equestrian).

Sports performed on a boat (sailing, canoe, kayak, rowing).

Sports that are a just a combination of other sports (triathlon, modern pentathlon).

Sports with athletes making eight-figure salaries (basketball).

Sports where one person can win more than 20 medals (swimming).

Sports you never watch in non-Olympic years (everything else).

Ben Browdy

Los Angeles


If Bill Plaschke intended to stir up sympathy for Lolo Jones, he flopped ["She just can't win for losing," Aug. 8].

There's a code for athletes at the Olympics: Relish the victory when you win, congratulate the winners when you lose. Jones violated the code and showed a distinct lack of class. Not the way to get people on your side.

Bonnie Sloane

Los Angeles


Bill Plaschke's hit piece about Lolo Jones was all too typical of the media, which heaped scads of attention on Jones, and then criticized her for getting too much media attention. Ghouls one and all.

Robert Ostrove



I love watching Usain Bolt run, but I'm greedy. I want to see world records. Bolt's premature celebration in the 100 in Beijing coupled with his easing up in the 200 in London — when it looked like he would run an 18.50 as he came around the turn — is not consistent with the Olympic spirit. I'll take Michael Johnson's 200-400 gold medal performance in Atlanta.

Ken Feldman



Of the few moments in the Olympics that show there is hope for humanity, the semifinals of the 400 meters stood out. When the young phenom, Kirani James, traded name designations with Oscar Pistorius it was as though someone reached deep down where our humanity resides and breathed life into it.

James did the transfer without fanfare and as nonchalantly as he runs. It said to the world: This is simple and this is what it's all about.

Jeff Solomon



I know who I will be rooting for in the men's marathon race Sunday: Guor Marial [Bill Plaschke, Aug. 6]. Thank you for sharing a story of the true Olympic spirit.

Paivi Hoikkala

La Crescenta


Because NBC reserves the right to postpone broadcast of live Olympic events, I reserve the right to DVR same and fast forward through all the commercials.

Hal Greenfader

Los Angeles


The NBC tape delay doesn't bother me as much as putting the most popular events on the 10 p.m. to midnight time slot after making us endure the junk. Synchronized diving? Really?

Mike Reuben

Anaheim Hills

Vin's on his game

Vin Scully was right on Monday night when he said it would have saved a lot of time and energy if they had instant replay to check on a play that took a long time to argue about and was still inconclusive.

Sol Bialeck

Van Nuys


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