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London Olympics: A gold medal for Ryan Lochte & Patrick Stewart

August 11, 2012|By Lisa Dillman

LONDON---OK, what are U.S. Olympic swim star Ryan Lochte and Star Trek icon Patrick Stewart doing in a video together?

It is strangely bizarre --- well, isn't that the point? -- yet it works.

The good folks from "Funny or Die" put this sketch together, starring Stewart, front and center, as a grubby-faced con artist specializing in Olympic ticket scalping.

Stewart: "This year I've got a plan to put me in the scalping history books."

Lochte appears, later, as the "victim," and incredibly, gets through his star turn and doesn't utter his favorite word, "Jeah!"

So we'll let the video speak for itself. Without giving too much away, British actor Simon Pegg materializes for the finish, and as they like to say around here ... brilliant.


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