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James Jaillet and Brett Bralley

August 13, 2012
  • James Jaillet and Brett Bralley
James Jaillet and Brett Bralley (Alders Photography )

The first time James Jaillet heard about Brett Bralley working on the student newspaper during freshman year at the University of Alabama, he thought she was a guy.

“I remember … the news desk’s editor told me how cute Brett was after I asked who ‘he’ was,” Jaillet, 24, said.

The couple first became friends, working long hours at the student newspaper throughout college, and from then on, their relationship evolved into something more. After four years of dating they were married on June 30 in Altadena with 100 guests attending. The ceremony and reception took place at the Altadena Town & Country Club, just down the street from the house where Bralley, 25, and her three sisters, Brynn, Brass and Brikk, grew up.

“Our wedding was about love and family. We wanted it to be a celebration of our two homes – where I was raised in Los Angeles and where James was born, and our new lives will begin in Alabama. We took motifs that represented California (poppies, succulents) and Alabama (green tomatoes, Mason jars and sweet tea) and wove them throughout the event,” Bralley said.

Bralley’s father is the musician Tom Bralley, and he and fellow band members provided the entertainment at the reception that also included musical tributes from the entire Bralley family.

—Becca Blond
Custom Publishing Writer

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