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Letters: Foie gras isn't the only cruelty

August 14, 2012

Re "French gag on ban of foie gras in California," Aug. 11

The ban on foie gras in California is a bit comical and so very American in its hypocrisy. Yes, ducks and geese are force-fed grain to grow their livers, but foie gras is not an everyday American food. It is expensive and uncommon.

I challenge the people who worked so hard to ban foie gras in California to visit the beef, chicken, pork, egg and milk "factories" in our state. Perhaps these activists should put their energy toward banning the incredibly inhumane treatment of these animals, which are consumed daily by most Americans.

Nathalie Cunningham

Studio City

French lawmaker Philippe Martin tries for irony in his quote, "To us, it seems like a rather strange hierarchy of priorities to allow the death penalty for human beings and then create a law on animal suffering."

In this address to the court of public opinion, the pairing of these ridiculously unrelated issues by conveniently omitting "human beings who murder other human beings" would be merely idiotic if it didn't exploit tragedy. Guess you find lawmakers who resort to arguments like this everywhere.

Jules Brenner



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