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Lakers roundtable: Dwight Howard could face adjustment period

August 16, 2012|By Mark Medina

Then he asks me, 'Should I go over there to the huddle and put my arm around Stan?' I had no idea Stan had outed him. So there goes Dwight stomping over and acting goofy as possible walking into an ambush. That embarrassed Dwight because the Magic didn't come to his defense. They couldn't because the story was true. Dwight asked ownership several times to replace Stan. That was the turning point."

On whether Chris Duhon and Earl Clark, both who are going to the Lakers, will have any value: "I don't see how Chris Duhon can help them at all. It got to the point here where he didn't want to shoot the ball. He lost so much confidence. He was a bit better last year, but to me he's a third point guard. 

Earl Clark is interesting because he's an undersized power forward, but he's athletic and can block shots. I think people will enjoy watching him play."

*You can follow more of Schmitz's work on the Orlando Sentinel's website and on Twitter. Schmitz also wrote an ebook titled, "Dwightmare: Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic, and the Season of Dysfunction."


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