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Kevin Jonas, wife Danielle talk new E! series 'Married to Jonas'

August 17, 2012|By Yvonne Villarreal
  • Danielle Jonas and pop star husband Kevin Jonas.
Danielle Jonas and pop star husband Kevin Jonas. (Timothy White / E! )

Getting in the Kardashian business has worked for rapper Kanye West -- his girl Kim inspires lyrics and makes music video cameos in hoodies! Come Sunday, boy band heartthrob Kevin Jonas will be following suit in other ways: launching his own E! reality show "Married to Jonas," which follows the 24-year-old musician and his wife Danielle -- with the almighty reality dynasty serving as its lead-in.

The half-hour reality series chronicles the couple, who married in 2009, as they familiarize themselves to each other's families and decide whether to start one of their own. (Note: Danielle's father, nicknamed "Bucky," seems destined for his own spinoff.)

But this is a show centered on the oldest member of the Jonas Brothers, after all, so, duh, we'll be seeing the rest of the pop star brood -- Nick and Joe -- too as they reunite to record their next album.

Show Tracker recently spent time with the new reality couple to discuss why the two crazy kids would dare take a dip in the reality pool that has drowned so many marriages and why they thought doing it on E! made sense.

Are you nervous about what this all is going to do to you?

Kevin: She’s nervous.

Danielle: Yes, I’m really nervous. I’m just going to jump into it — that’s the way to do it right? Go all in?

Young marriage already has its challenges, so why do a reality show and add to it? There’s been so many cautionary tales — hello, “Newlyweds.”

Danielle:  I loved “Newlyweds” and I’m aware of things not ending happily ever after for everyone. But we talk so much now, especially because of the show — I think we’ll be OK.

Kevin: Yeah, the “curse” of couples on reality TV is not something we really think about.

Danielle: When he came to me and he asked or said, “This is what’s going on,” I said, “Well, everyone thinks they know who I am and they’ve made a personality for me.” I just kind of wanted to, I guess, show everyone who I really am.

What was that personality that you were pegged with?

Danielle: That I was a gold digger. That I’m mean.

Kevin: When, actually, the reality is we get in fights because I tell her to spend money. She’s too worried about spending it. But, yeah, I think there were some misconceptions about who we were as a couple and that we were in this for the wrong reasons, so this was an opportunity to show who we were and, also, where we came from. We both come from very strong families and that’s very evident in the show, which makes it much easier than it just being a camera on the two of us. There’s a lot of voices and a lot of characters: her sisters and brother and my brothers and our parents — it’s really great.

I gather that this was your idea, Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah. You know, I was taking a lot of meetings about hosting. And I did some of that with E! News, “Live! With Kelly,” and different things. One thing led to another and someone asked if I ever thought about [doing a reality show]. We were kind of like, “Oh, let’s give it a try.” We shot the pilot and it kind of felt fun. It flowed into something great and now we’re excited for everyone to see it.

This is a lifestyle that you’ve become accustomed to, Kevin. But, Danielle, are you really ready for all that will come from doing this show if it’s a success?

Danielle: I don’t know if anyone is ready for that. And I also still want Kevin to shine as much as he can.  I don’t really care about what my spot is. I just want to see him happy.

Did having cameras pointed at your face for most of your young adult life make it easier?

Kevin: Oh, yeah. I was a little bit more prepared. I’m able to tune it out. I’m very good at this point in my life to separate. I can compartmentalize very easily because I’ve had to for so long — that was something I knew she had to get used to.

But, come on, you’re not putting on a show because you know the cameras are on you?

Danielle: I have to say, I feel like I need to be talking all the time so that it’s never quiet. And that was a little weird for me. And, I mean, there’s like a 15-person crew in my house — it was an adjustment.

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