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Late Night: Ryan Lochte will do 'Bachelor' only if family approves

August 17, 2012|By Meredith Blake

“The Bachelor” fans take note: Ryan Lochte is still interested in starring in the reality series.

In a visit to “The Tonight Show” Thursday, fresh off filming a cameo on “90210,” the gold medal-winning swimmer and not exactly reluctant heartthrob addressed the rumored possibility he could become the first celebrity “Bachelor.”  

“If they ask me to do ‘The Bachelor’ I would consider it, but I would talk with my family first,” Lochte said. Given his mother’s track record — Mama Lochte told USA Today her son only has one-night stands, then quickly backpedaled — it doesn’t seem likely there’d be much objection.  

Lochte was less hesitant about getting involved with "Dancing With the Stars." In fact, he thinks he has what it takes to win. “In college I took a dancing class. I got [an] A, so I think think I’d be pretty good at it.”

Actress Kristen Bell, seated beside Lochte — and wearing his five medals around her neck — tried for a little irony. “Do you have any idea how much training it takes to be on 'Dancing With the Stars'?" she asked facetiously.

But Lochte didn’t catch the joke. “Do you have any idea how much training you have to do to swim?” he replied.

“No that’s what I’m saying,” she said, giving up. If Lochte really does want to pursue acting, he should probably learn to improvise.


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