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Will there be a white iPad mini? New pics make it look that way

August 18, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • A new picture seems to indicate that the iPad mini (its parts are shown at left; parts for the iPhone 5 at right) will likely be available in both black and white versions.
A new picture seems to indicate that the iPad mini (its parts are shown at… (iResQ )

An Apple-product repair company posted new pictures of what it believes is the iPhone 5 and iPad mini's new dock connectors, and the pictures seem to indicate both devices will be available in black and white.

This isn't the most surprising news ever since the current iPad and iPhone 4S products are also available in the two colors, but the pictures are the first indication we've gotten that the two colors will also be available for the rumored iPad mini. The images are also believed to be the first look at the new, smaller dock connector in high resolution.

In the picture above, you can see the parts for the iPad mini on the left and parts for the iPhone 5 to the right. For each device there are two sets of parts, one with a black dock connector headphone jack and the other in white.

IResQ said it's had the part for some time now, but decided it wanted to share it with its readers. The company, though, told the Los Angeles Times that it's not 100% certain these are the parts Apple will come out with when the products launch, possibly as early as next month.

"100% no," said Brian Buffington of iResQ. "But we can confirm that these parts fit inside the iPhone 5 casing that we also have. They all appear to be legit but Apple could always make a design change last minute."

You can see more pictures of the parts on iResQ's blog post here.

The company describes the parts as having 8-pins and also points out that the location between the headphone jack and the dock connector is significant.

On the right, the iPhone 5's jack and connector are located pretty close to each other, which is what most rumors have been saying. The location, though, holds true too for the iPad mini.

"This further hits on rumors that the iPad Mini will be more similar to the iPhone or iPod Touch than the current-size iPad,' iResQ said.


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