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Letters: Inspiring with science

August 19, 2012

Re "Oh, sweet mystery," Opinion, Aug. 16

I had the pleasure of reading evolutionary biologist David P. Barash's Op-Ed article. As a scientist myself, and one who dabbled energetically in the history of science before devoting myself fully to scientific research, it is rare that I find something in the paper regarding policy or the teaching of science with which I agree wholeheartedly.

There is another powerful force to draw in students: We can try to impart a sense of the possibility to do good works in the world; not in the sense of personal glory but in the great tradition of service to humankind. It is no small thing to offer students a job path on which they may use their skills to improve lives while also enjoying such a sense of wonder.

And anyone who can invoke Leonard Cohen when discussing science, as Barash does, has my vote.

Deirdre Scripture-Adams

Los Angeles


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