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'Numb3rs' star David Krumholtz pays tribute to Tony Scott

August 20, 2012|By Patrick Kevin Day
  • David Krumholtz plays a math genius in an episode of "Numb3rs," a series on which Ridley Scott and his brother, the late Tony Scott, served as executive producers.
David Krumholtz plays a math genius in an episode of "Numb3rs,"… (Sonya Fleming / CBS )

David Krumholtz, who starred in the CBS mystery series "Numb3rs," which was helmed by executive producers Tony and Ridley Scott, took to Twitter on Sunday to write a short remembrance of Tony Scott, the 68-year-old film and TV director who died in an apparent suicide Sunday.

The actor wrote about being directed by Scott in an episode of the series in which he played an eccentric math genius.

Krumholtz wrote, "I had come to know Tony as a warm, enthusiastic and whimsical general with great vision and pride for his work and for the art of action. He lit me from overhead, I had not been lit that way before on the show. I had big bushy long hair that made it impossible to see my eyes unless I was looking up and directly into the light. After a few takes, I still couldn't get it right. It felt odd to look up while I was talking to the seated FBI agents in the room. Finally, Tony walked in and said, 'David, just imagine that you're talking to God. And God has all the money. In order to get the money, you gotta talk to God. GOD AND MONEY!!! GOD AND MONEY!!!' He skipped off set, in the way that he did, keeping me energized and firmly strapped into his roller coaster ride of film making."

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Krumholtz also pointed out that Scott brought his big-budget feature spending ways to the small screen, shelling out much more on the episode than he should have.

"He had ACTUAL Vietnamese gangbangers, whom he knew personally, play themselves on the show. He was wild and big and crazy and uncontrollable and he gave it his all, every moment, because he believed in his crew, his cast, and the show."

In closing, Krumholtz noted that he was saddened that Scott apparently chose to take his own life. "May he rest in peace. What a great dude."


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