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Secret Service Super Salad? 54 kids join Obamas for 'State Dinner'

August 20, 2012|By Amy Hubbard

There was also Fish Fueled Pepper Rocket with Kale Chips and Quinoa. And Yummy Cabbage Sloppy Joes.

Cabbage on a bun?  It had better be yummy.

The 54 lucky winners joined the first lady in the East Room of the White House on Monday, right about brunch time.  The event was streamed live on her Let's Move website, which also has a list of winners and some select recipes, such as Secret Service Super Salad.

President Obama crashed the event, according to the Chicago Tribune, where he admitted he was not a great cook -- just an "OK" one.  "I don't cook that often these days," he said, "but I remember cooking."

The winners were chosen by a panel of judges from Epicurious, the  U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Education. 

The meal was paired with a performance by the Nickelodeon TV stars/music group Big Time Rush.

Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush got a kick out of the event.  He tweeted: "So today was weird. Had a convo with the President and First Lady, then played the first Official Kids State Dinner ever! #Honored."

But, Kendall, it was lunch, not dinner.


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