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Incredible flying hover bike lets you fly over desert like a Jedi

August 21, 2012|By Deborah Netburn

Unfortunately, the company told Innovation News Daily that it has no plans to bring the vehicle to market any time soon. Instead, its concept vehicle is meant to be a test platform for new unmanned drones.

The Aerofex hovercraft is a new twist on an old idea, according to John M. Davis, a former technical director for the American Helicopter Society International, who said that the idea of hover vehicles has been bouncing around since the 1950s or '60s.

Davis told the Los Angeles Times that while he applauds what Aerofex's founder and Chief Technological Officer Marc De Roche has accomplished, he wonders if it passes the "so what test."

"It is a very fascinating vehicle to look at and watch operate, but can it find a really unique mission that warrants its full development," Davis said. He adds that the physics of a hovercraft like Aerofex's make it difficult for it to fly at high speeds or very high off the ground.

We say that makes it the perfect commuting vehicle of the future!


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