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Video: The Mockers' 'Republican Girl'

August 21, 2012|By Randy Lewis
  • The Mockers have released an election-year song and video -- "Republican Girl."
The Mockers have released an election-year song and video -- "Republican… (The Mockers )

While some have bemoaned the relative dearth of politically minded pop or rock music during the current presidential election campaign, Virginia-based pop band the Mockers have come up with an entry that should appease pop fans who also are political junkies.

The trio’s jangly, Beatles-esque song "Republican Girl" celebrates the band members’ appreciation for female GOP politicians such as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann and TV commentators on Fox News and other outlets -- their smiling faces featured in dozens of quick clips culled from various newscasts cobbled together in a witty video. Sample lyric:

Every hair is always right in its place

A Miss America smile on a pretty face

They’re like a siren's call to the November race

Man they're looking good

Here's the video:

"It's a lighthearted ditty about how incredibly sexy all of the women we see from candidates all the way down to Fox News pundits are," says band member Robbie Rist.

Lighthearted, yes, but the song isn’t without an edge: "Never worries that she's not lookin' smart/'Cause she’s always talking straight from her heart/What a sight to see things in one-dimensional terms."

Rist is a veteran of the L.A. indie rock scene who spent much of his childhood in front of TV cameras as the actor sometimes referred to as "The John Denver kid" for his blond bowl haircut and round wire-rimmed eyeglasses. His highest profile role was that of Cousin Oliver in "The Brady Bunch," the show whose multi-screen opening is echoed in the Mockers' video.

He still lives and often performs in and around Los Angeles, but also has affiliations with a number of far-flung bands. He recorded "Republican Girl" with Mockers' founding members Tony Leventhal and Seth Gordon when he was in New York for a couple of days recently after a tour of Spain with the CBGB-era pop band the Sorrows.

The video clip was shot separately in Rist's garage.


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