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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Final four pits Philly against Jersey

August 21, 2012|By Rene Lynch
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay doesn't look happy.
Chef Gordon Ramsay doesn't look happy. (Fox )

The Fab Five on "Hell's Kitchen" is now the Fab Four, with all the last competitors standing hailing either from Jersey or Philly. Let the throwdown begin.

But here's hoping "Hell's Kitchen" competitor Clemenza Caserta skipped the tattoo.

Clemenza threatened to get a Vegas tattoo on his posterior after chef Gordon Ramsay  said he just didn't "see" Sin City when he looked at Clemenza -- meaning he just couldn't envision Clemenza winning Season 10 of "Hell's Kitchen," and a top job at Ramsay's new Vegas steak house.

Clemenza had a chance to redeem himself on what should have been a shoo-in challenge: Italian night in "Hell's Kitchen," when the competitors had to serve up chicken Parmesan dishes. Should have been an easy one for Mr. Italian, right?

But once again, Clemenza ended up on the chopping block after a -- say it with me -- disastrous dinner service. Among his other violations: Destroying the chicken breasts by pounding them out to the size of dinner-plates, instead of a more dainty serving that would be more appropriate for a fine-dining establishment.

He stood there alongside Barbie Marshall, who was "completely in the weeds" during service.

But there was too much history to overlook. Ramsay noted that Clemenza had been on the chopping block seven times before, or 50% of the time.

And so, the Fab Five became the Fab Four.  What did you make of the teaching challenge?

In the past, I've rolled my eyes at the inevitable bevy of babes trotted into the kitchen. But this season, I realized the, um, beauty of the challenge: If you can teach a kitchen-newbie how to make a dish while she's teetering around on high heels, afraid to ruin her manicure, then you can teach a member of your kitchen crew how to do the same.

It's actually quite a brilliant challenge that tells Ramsay something about the person who would win the challenge. (If they are teaching-impaired, they're most likely a no-go.)

It's also a brilliant challenge for TV, if you know what I mean. It not, let me go get my thongs.

I mean tongs.

One random thought: Why does Dana Cohen constantly holler like she's talking to a class of kindergarteners?


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