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Letters: Hunting sharks

August 21, 2012

Re "Shark contest stirs a frenzy," Column One, Aug. 17

Of all the injustices men commit against nature, the one that most upsets me is the vast assault against all the world's sharks. At least 100 million of these magnificent animals are massacred by humans every year. No one knows exactly how many die because the majority are finned and thrown back into the water to die.

I believe humans will cause the extinction of most shark species. About 40 years ago, when I traveled between Los Angeles and Catalina Island, I would see 30 to 40 sharks in an hour and a half. I have not seen one in more than a decade now.

It's hard to understand why anyone would enjoy fighting and killing a giant shark that has beaten the odds to survive and grow so large.

Crista Worthy

Hidden Springs, Idaho


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