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Letters: Refinery safety

August 22, 2012

Re "Chevron's refinery, Richmond's peril," Opinion, Aug. 14

The Op-Ed article by activist Antonia Juhasz mischaracterized the Aug. 6 incident at Chevron Corp.'s Richmond refinery and our commitment to the health and safety of our workers and neighbors.

Refineries in the San Francisco Bay Area operate under the most stringent air pollution controls in the world. Chevron complies with rigorous health, environmental and safety regulations from numerous local, state and federal agencies that oversee the refinery; in many cases, the company goes above and beyond.

By investing in modern technology and running the plant more efficiently, our Richmond refinery has reduced air emissions by 65% since the 1970s, is ranked among the state's most energy efficient, produces much of its own electricity and has doubled its use of reclaimed water to 6 million gallons per day — enough to supply 16,000 homes.

We continue to work very hard to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and the community.

Donald Campbell

San Ramon, Calif.

The writer is Chevron's global manager for downstream and technology.


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