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Letters: A cruel way to hunt

August 22, 2012
  • Brian van der Brug, Los Angeles Times
Brian van der Brug, Los Angeles Times (m6uqa4pd20120817134007/600 )

Re "Legislation upsets hunters," Aug. 20

The tortured logic of some hunters who use trained dogs to chase bears and bobcats to their deaths perfectly articulates the case for legislation that bans this barbaric practice.

The proposed ban is not illumination of a "deep cultural divide in California." It is an argument for the humane treatment of animals, period. Nor is it "intolerance run amok," as described by hunter Josh Brones. What would be intolerant is if we as a society looked the other way, thereby sanctioning the horrible death of helpless, magnificent wild animals that thankfully still populate our state.

The article left out documented instances where wild animals were literally torn apart while still alive by the dogs that hunted them to exhaustion. This legislation must become law.

Mitch O'Farrell

Glassell Park


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