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Kathie Lee confirms: Taylor Swift crashed that wedding (cringe)

August 23, 2012|By Matt Donnelly

It's not uncommon for daytime hosts like Kathie Lee Gifford to discuss the latest in celeb news, say, Taylor Swift allegedly crashing a Boston wedding on Saturday.

Rarer is that Kathie Lee attended said wedding, and confirmed the singer showed without an invitation.

On the fourth hour of "Today," Kathie Lee backed up a Wednesday report that Swift and boyfriend Conor Kennedy showed up to the wedding of Kyle Kennedy, despite mother of the bride Victoria Gifford Kennedy asking the couple to keep away.

"The truth is, because I was there, Vicki's ... account of what happened in Boston is accurate," Kathie Lee said.

Victoria, Kathie Lee's stepdaughter, told the Boston Herald that Conor had been in touch only an hour before the wedding was to start, asking to come with Swift. She politely declined, says Kathie Lee, simply because the young man never sent an RSVP.

"He got in touch with her an hour eariler and said 'Can I bring my girlfriend' -- a beautiful sit-down dinner that had been planned for months. She said very nicely, please do not come. Well, guess what? They came." 

Que cringe. As we mentioned Wednesday, the move to show up is a serious social infraction, and with the Kennedys of all families. We'd imagine it's hard enough being the new kid in that circle of American royalty. 

There may be a silver lining for Swift: Kathie Lee admitted "she may not have known she wasn't invited," which would put all that bad etiquette blame on Conor's shoulders.

"It's the bride's day," Kathie Lee reminded us. Hopefully the young couple was listening. 


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