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Derek Jeter jokingly suggests Skip Bayless should be drug tested

August 23, 2012|By Melissa Rohlin
  • Derek Jeter hits a home run Wednesday.
Derek Jeter hits a home run Wednesday. (Jonathan Daniel / Getty…)

Don't suggest that Derek Jeter could be using performance-enhancing drugs. He apparently finds that inference so silly that he'll question whether the accuser is doping.

Just ask Skip Bayless.

Bayless of ESPN's "First Take" said Wednesday morning that Jeter's performance so far this season may be a bit too good, hint hint, wink wink.

 "I am shocked by what I'm seeing from Derek Jeter right now," Bayless said. "They all said he was washed up. All of a sudden, this man has turned 38 years of age in June and already he has more hits than he had last year. ... I'm seeing a whole new guy this year from last year. ... Are you kidding me? You would have to have your head in the sand or your head somewhere else not to at least wonder, 'How is he doing this?' "

Jeter, who already has twice as many home runs (12) as he did last year, was told of Bayless' comments in the clubhouse before Wednesday evening's game against the Chicago White Sox.

Jeter smiled then made a suggestion of his own.

"What do you want me to say?" he said. "Maybe Skip should be tested. I don't know him, but ... "

Though he joked with reporters, he wasn't amused by Bayless' remarks.

"That's the unfortunate thing these days," he said. "Any time you bring this to light with guys that are doing things now, you have everybody questioning everything. You can say whatever you want to say these days. No repercussions."


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