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Letters: Take action on Syria

August 23, 2012
  • Rebels fire from one of their forward positions against Syrian government forces in Aleppo on Aug. 18
Rebels fire from one of their forward positions against Syrian government… (Achilleas Zavallis / AFPGetty…)

Re "Obama's 'red line' on Syria," Aug. 21

How can world leaders continue to allow the slaughter of civilians in Syria? There have been many reasons in favor of and in opposition to intervention, either with arms, a no-fly zone, the use of troops or a host of non-lethal support measures.

We should provide the rebels with weapons to fend off Syrian President Bashar Assad's warplanes, helicopters and tanks to level the playing field. Once we do that, we will have made a political settlement more likely.

As long as the Syrian government has military superiority, why should it stop its campaign of terror? Level the playing field and end this outrage.

Sid Pelston

Marina del Rey

Obama tells Assad not to kill people using gas or biological weapons or there will be dire consequences.

That's it? So it's OK to kill thousands of people so long as it's not by gas or bugs?

Eddie Smith

San Diego


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