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Fan learns: Beware heckling Yankees Manager Joe Girardi [video]

August 23, 2012

But he ignores it, and continues answering, when he starts to hear it again. And then Joe Girardi gets angry and stops his answer mid-sentence.

"Hey, hey, shut up! We're doing an interview!" he says as he moves toward the guy.

But that's not the best part. That comes when he returns to the news conference and picks up his sentence where he left off, as if nothing ever happened.

It's a really impressive display by Girardi.

How did a fan get so close to a news conference? Well, apparently in Chicago, they let fans who sit in the expensive seats right behind home plate go in and out of a different exit than the commoners in the rest of the stadium. And the entrance/exit is right across from where the news conference was held.

Here's guessing that fan won't be invited back any time soon, though a little good-natured heckling is part of the game.


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