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Did you know Best Buy and Amazon sell $1,000 HDMI cables?

August 24, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • Amazon and Best Buy are two notable retailers that sell HDMI cables priced above $1,000.
Amazon and Best Buy are two notable retailers that sell HDMI cables priced… (Amazon )

You can pick up an HDMI cable, used to hook up HD TVs, for $10. If you're a cheapskate.

Best Buy has a $935 AudioQuest HDMI cable for sale, as pointed out by a Reddit user in a post headlined, "$1000 HDMI Cable? Best Buy is having a laugh."

As the post pointed out, the cable is more expensive than many of the TVs it's supposed to work with.

But this cable is not even close to being the most expensive on the market.

On Amazon, for example, AudioQuest's 39.4-foot Coffee HDMI cable goes for $2,199.75.

The price of these cables is all the more startling because many retailers, including, sell HDMI cables for less than $10. And if you use Google's Shopping search you can even find the cables for as little $1 before shipping.

When asked why the cable mentioned on Reddit costs so much, Best Buy responded by pointing to the cable's silver conductors.

"As you spend more with AudioQuest," the company said in an email, "you will get more silver and less distortion of the signal as it passes from your receiver to your speakers."

But because HDMI cables send information digitally, it's widely held that more expensive cables, despite their higher quality materials, do not make a big difference.

If you Google, "expensive HDMI cable" some of the top results are articles that debunk the belief that expensive HDMI cables provide higher quality results.


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