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Shooting near Empire State Building; at least one reported dead

August 24, 2012|By Tina Susman

Gunfire broke out on the street outside the Empire State Building in Manhattan at the height of rush hour Friday, and initial reports said that multiple people have been shot and the shooter was dead.

Media reports said at least three other people had been shot, but their conditions were not immediately known. The gunfire erupted about 9 a.m. EDT outside the iconic building at 34th Street and 5th Avenue.

Police blocked off traffic around the building, which on a normal summer morning would be surrounded by tourists lined up to ride the elevator to its top floors, and commuters who work inside.

PHOTOS: Shooting near Empire State Building

Various media reports indicated there was one shooter who opened fire on the street, and that the shooter was either shot dead by police or was shot and in custody.

The Empire State Building is 102 stories and 1,250 feet high and is one of the most visited sites in New York City. It was the scene of a mass shooting in February 1997 when a gunman opened fire on the observation deck, killing one person and wounding six others before taking his own life.


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