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Join Doyle McManus live from the RNC [Google+ Hangout]

August 24, 2012|By Alexandra Le Tellier
  • Workers set up the center stage in preparation for the Republican National Convention inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Florida.
Workers set up the center stage in preparation for the Republican National… (Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg )

Washington columnist Doyle McManus will report from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Monday to Thursday, which will feature a who's who from the GOP in support of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket. Speakers include Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Condoleezza Rice and Rick Santorum.

In the months leading up to the convention, McManus has written about Romney's arithmetic problem, attack ad politics and healthcare. He’s also asked why President Obamaand Romney haven't addressed the four wars the U.S. is engaged in and, most recently, McManus has questioned whether the outcome of the presidential race will make any difference at all.

On Wednesday, McManus will host a half-hour Google+ Hangout from the convention floor beginning at 11 a.m. PT (2 p.m. ET). The segment will air on the homepage and right here on the Opinion L.A. blog. McManus will be joined by a handful of politicos during the live video chat to discuss the topics leading the day. He would also like to welcome readers to participate in the conversation.

If you have a question for McManus, or would like to raise an issue, let us hear it in the comments below. For those who'd like to participate live during the Google Hangout, let us know on our Google+ page. You need Google+ to participate, as well as working Internet and a Web cam.

What issues matter most to you: jobs, immigration, Medicare? Is there an area in which you think Romney particularly shines? Is there a neglected issue you wish the Romney/Ryan ticket would start focusing on? Is there a campaign ad that you've found especially effective? Do you want to know more about Ryan's workout regimen? Kidding about the last one.

Let us know what points you'd bring to the conversation. Participants will be selected well in advance of the Wednesday chat.

We look forward to seeing you from the campaign floor.


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