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L.A. sports star power rankings

Here are the top 20 current Los Angeles-based athletes as determined by our criteria of charisma, moxie and glitz (and Q Scores).

August 24, 2012|Chris Erskine

1. Kobe Bryant, Lakers: An easy No. 1 based on his Lakers reign and strength of personality.

2. Matt Barkley, USC football: Sports Illustrated cover boy poised to be the top player in America's top sport.

3. Dwight Howard, Lakers: With Steve Nash, brings the Lakers a Dream Team aura.

4. David Beckham, Galaxy: Defines star power; in most cities, he's probably No. 1.

5. Matt Kemp, Dodgers: Immense talent in a hip-hoppy package; bonus points for celebrity dating.

6. Albert Pujols, Angels: One of the greatest to ever play the game; but is he big enough for L.A.?

7. Serena Williams, tennis: After a great year, probably a contender for the No. 2 or 3 spots. Has she peaked?

8. Chris Paul, Clippers: Class act with monster ball skills; can you wait for his matchup against Nash?

9. Mike Trout, Angels: If he holds course, he's someone you'll tell the grandkids about.

10. Blake Griffin, Clippers: Dunks — big, bad dunks; and big, positive Q Scores.

11. Steve Nash, Lakers: Very marketing savvy, with strong ties to the entertainment world.

12. Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers: Draws comparisons to Sandy Koufax, the Dodgers gold standard.

13. Alex Morgan, USA soccer: With a smile that could light the dark side of the moon, may be the next Mia Hamm.

14. Dustin Brown, Kings: Hockey's Clint Eastwood led the Kings to the promised land.

15. Venus Williams, tennis: Remember when she was the best player in the family?

16. Shaun White, action sports: No doubt a big deal in the extreme sports set, but has his moment passed?

17. Jonathan Quick, Kings: Perhaps L.A.'s most under-appreciated athlete.

18. Misty May-Treanor, beach volleyball: Face of the Olympics, a gritty role model for young athletes.

19. Allyson Felix, track: For any sports-drink marketer, she would be very high on the target list.

20. Kerri Walsh Jennings, beach volleyball: Gold medals, insane athleticism and a mom. What's not to like?

Honorable mention: Andre Ethier, Dodgers; Landon Donovan, Galaxy; Torii Hunter, Angels; Pau Gasol, Lakers; Jered Weaver, Angels; Candace Parker, Sparks; Laird Hamilton, surfing; Marqise Lee, USC football; Robert Woods, USC football; Mark Trumbo, Angels; Shane Victorino, Dodgers.

Chris Erskine

Sources: Based on popularity ratings from the Q Scores Co., General Sentiment's measures of social media presence, Forbes magazine rankings of most-powerful athletes. Steve Caplan of Message/LA assisted with the rankings.

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