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Tropical Storm Isaac and the Republican convention [Google+ Hangout]

August 27, 2012|By James Rainey

TAMPA, Fla. — Join us today for a Google + Hangout chat with Politics Now commentator James Rainey and Campaign 2012 editor Cathleen Decker at 11 a.m. PDT.

As political aficionados no doubt know, what was to be the first day of the Republican National Convention – showcasing a renewed attempt by Mitt Romney to introduce himself to America – instead will be marked by a strangely abrupt opening-and-recessing ceremony at the convention arena and a whole lot of delegates wandering around with little to do but gaze at the Weather Channel.

Convention organizers canceled the planned opening day’s festivities over the weekend, deciding instead to gavel it open and then postpone the real show until Tuesday, when the effects of Tropical Storm Isaac will have fully passed. Events that night are to include a keynote speech by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and remarks by Romney’s wife, Ann. Vice presidential candidate Paul D. Ryan is due to speak Wednesday, with Romney himself closing out the convention on Thursday night.

But Isaac, the storm that forced the first day’s cancellation, could still wreak some havoc on the event.

If the storm strengthens in the Gulf of Mexico and barrels toward the Gulf Coast as a hurricane, that would mean Republicans would be partying—and celebrating their cut-government message — while Americans were under threat and federal forces were being arrayed to assist them.

So behind closed doors, Romney campaign organizers and Republican strategists were compiling what they hope are ultimately unnecessary backup plans.

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