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'Gangnam Style' live: New Psy video blows up on YouTube

August 28, 2012|By Deborah Netburn

They jump up and down, and do his weird pony dance. They wave their glow sticks and just look so transported by the music. In the video, they are like a stand-in for the global community that adopted "Gangnam Style" as a late summer anthem. 

The video was uploaded by the MBC K-Pop channel, rather than Psy's team. It went up over the weekend and already has more than 750,000 page views. 

In a previous post on Psy's "Gangnam Style" hit, I spoke with someone who provided a loose translation of the first few verses of the song as well as the chorus. The song is basically a guy describing the type of girl he would like to go out with -- someone refined by day, but who likes to party at night. 

One of the comments on that story provides additional context, that I'm happy to share with you now.

As Ed Levi wrote, "Well understanding the lyrics is useless without understanding the context. The song is as sarcastic as the video.  Psy is making fun of the self-absorbed hipsters of gangnam who run through life as if everything is about them. While people do their everyday things: taking their kids to the park, playing tennis, riding horseback, even taking a public bath Psy makes himself the fabulous central attraction in every setting.

"As for the famous catchphrase "oppa gangnam style," imagine the guy at the bar trying to pick up an attractive girl with the line "I'm Hollywood, babe" or "daddy's got swag" and you have an idea of the [donkey butts] Psy is making fun of."


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