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Google will now bug you with birthdays like Facebook does

August 28, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • Google will now show you birthday reminders when you use Search.
Google will now show you birthday reminders when you use Search. (9 to 5 Google )

Google has begun to show birthday reminders on search results for people in users’ Google+ circles.

The company told The Los Angeles Times that it is beginning to roll out the new features to users over the next few days.

Users will see reminders when they use Google Search or go to the main page. Birthday reminders will not be visible on Google+ or any other service, according to a spokesman for Google.

How birthday reminders will be shown for you will depend on how you've set your profile.

You can change the settings on Google+ by clicking your profile, hitting the "Edit profile" button at the top and scrolling down to where it says Birthday. Click on that and choose whom you want your birthday to be visible to.

The new birthday notification feature, which is similar to Facebook's, was first reported by 9 to 5 Google after it was tipped to it.

The feature can be seen on Google Search results toward the top right corner of the page. The birthday notification is accompanied by a "Say happy birthday" link to a text field where users can leave a message for their friends.


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