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Want to build a space elevator on Earth? Start with the moon

August 29, 2012|By Deborah Netburn

But in 2007 the company shut down. 

Now Laine and LiftPort are back, and they're trying to drum up publicity for a new round of space elevator work. Except this time, instead of putting a space elevator on Earth, they want to put one on the moon. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but apparently it is easier to build a space elevator for the moon, rather than the earth. Because the moon has no atmosphere, and less gravitational pull than Earth, the ribbon that stretches from the surface up into space doesn't need to be as strong, Mashable writes.

To generate some publicity for the project, Laine recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of raising $8,000. (Yeah, right).

Deep in the page Laine admits that it will probably take at least $800 million to get a space elevator on the moon, but he is considering the Kickstarter campaign as a way to jump-start the project and build some excitement. 

As of Thursday the lunar elevator campaign has raised more than $35,000 and still has 14 days to go. 

That still gives you plenty of time to get in on a project that Laine says will "transform human civilization."

Contributions start at $1.


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